St. Dalfour Filipina Beauty Cream

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Features of the Product

  • => Original Filipina Beauty Whitening Cream
  • => Available in different sizes and quantity
  • => The elements and properties of Filipina Logo are very similar to Red M Formula and at the same time it is less oily.
  • => Dalfour Filipina beauty cream helps in lighten and soften your skin.
    => 100% safe,Healthy& Natural, without any side affects



St Dalfour Filipina Beauty

St. Dalfour products are naturally made products and are effective against skin blemishes, dark circles, acne, scars and spots. It is less oily and its advanced non-greasy formula preserves your skin from being oily. This product helps you to provide lighten and also soften skin and also protect and prevent spots. St Dalfour Filipina Beauty Cream St. Dalfour is considered the finest skin Lightening & Whitening product on the Market. It works on virtually all skin discoloration problems.

It is particularly effective at Removing or lessening the appearance of Dark Spots, Acne Scars, melasma and other forms of hyper-pigmentation. – Maximum Strength Formula Imported from Kuwait – Rejuvenates Skin, Whitens Freckles, Age Spots & Acne Scars – Melasma May Show Marked Improvement Depending on Severity – Helps Lighten Complexion and Soften Skin – Healthy & Natural, no chemicals Filipina Label has the strongest and most effective skin brightening. St. Dalfour skin whitening products do not contain hydroquinone or mercury. St. Dalfour products are botanically based, safe, natural, gentle and are especially effective on skin blemishes and freckles. Its advanced non-greasy formula keeps the skin clear, moisturized and soft, helping to protect and prevent spots. Acne marks are often visible for long periods and may be permanent but this product will help reduce or eliminate their appearance as it lightens dark pigmentation and brings back healthy, soft and clear skin.

Directions for use:

For best results wash the affected area and apply the St. Dalfour Filipina Beauty each night focusing on areas that needs more attention. Use the cream regularly until you achieve the desired results on your skin, then use it frequently once or also twice a week to maintain good results.


The cream containsnatural fruit & also seaweed extract.

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin E, Berberry extract, Organic Milk and Moisturizer, Sunblock, Cityl Alcohol, also Glycerin, Aqua, Steric Acid, Fragrance, Bensoate, Methyl Paraben,Arbutin, Vitamin E, Glutathione, Propyl Paraben, Rose Cream, Mineral Oil, and also Shea Butter.