Papaya Pure Herbale Soap

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Pure Herbal Papaya Soap

Pure herbal papaya soap (4 in 1)is made from the essence of natural ingredients of papaya, which has the ability to whitening the skin. It can cleanse the skin,& eliminate the marks and spots from the skin and black spot caused by harmful light of the sun; it will also make the chloasma and lighten your skin. Pure Herbal Papaya Fruity Soap 4 in 1 is a unique whitening soap that has papaya ingredients and herbal soap cubes. It has incorporated the mildness of transparent soap and the skin lightening properties of herbal papaya soap in cube form.

Packaging : 135g


  • Intense WHITENING evens out skin complexion.
  • Aids in ACNE ans also PIMPLE Removal,
  • Helps dry out Acne and Pimple and also prevents it from coming back.
  • Mild EXFOLIATION gently rids your skin of dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin.
  • GERMICIDAL, cleans as well as rids skin of germs.
  • Get intense glowing skin in 2 weeks.
  • Brightness & lighten your skin.

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Use twice a day Pure Herbal Papaya Fruity Soap is 4in1 soap. The herbal papaya cubes whitens the skin with its papaya extract. The clear, transparent soap is hypoallergenic for sensitive skin use. It has also has glycerin for moisturizing and added with sunscreen for sun protection.