Kojic Acid Soap

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Kojic Acid Soap is a skin whitener that assists gets rid of pimples, dark spots, solar flare, freckles, imperfections, additionally stretch marks.

This impressive soap includes natural mushroom extract from Japan which exfoliates the skin and gradually removes dark spots and pigmentation by buffing away destroyed skin cells. Kojic acid soap is made use of by various Asian ladies and men as part of their daily skincare routine so that their skin continues to be vibrant, soft, and young looking. Furthermore men utilize it as a shaving foam.


 kojic acid soap

The original kojic acid soap, Kojie San’s formulation blends effective whitening ingredients with nourishing coconut oil and a fresh orange fragrance. Kojic acid was discovered while processing rice for Japanese wines. also The naturally derived ingredients in this soap have been proven to safely and also quickly reveal even skin by gently smoothing away dark spots, also discoloration, and also other imperfections. 1 Bar – 65g each – Suitable for use on both face and also for body – Moisturizing coconut oil primes skin for maximum absorption of kojic acid – Fades age spots, freckles, and also in addition to that also clears other signs of sun damage – also Gently heals acne blemishes and also erases red marks and scars – Continuous use will result in fairer skin and also prevent breakouts – See results within days!


The regular use could help reduce the appearance of:

  • Birthmarks.
  • Freckles.
  • Elbows & also Knees.
  • Solar flare also.
  • Age spots.
  • Liver identifies.
  • Also Old marks
  • Pimples Marks.
  • Melasma.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • And also Chloasma.
  • Senile lentigines.
  • Also Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

About the product:

  • Whitens Skin, Exfoliates, also helps in Deep Cleansing, Heals & also Repairs
  • Extensively used in Japan as a skin lightener
  • Formulated with pure Kojic acid
  • Net Weight: 120 grams