Glutanex Glutathione 100mg Skin Whitening

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Glutanex Glutathione 100mg Skin Whitening 100 Capsules


  • From Nexus Pharma
  • 1 Box 100 Capsules
  • Each Capsules 100 mg
  • For use of Men & Women
  • Usage Above 15 Years
  • Keep out of reach Children
Glutanex Glutathione 100mg Skin Whitening 100 Capsules Lets you experience Korea’s best selling whitening and vitamin Capsules product used by skin whitening in Korea in tablet form; features all the benefits of the Glutanex Tablets to help prevent certain kinds of cell damage while at the same time restoring vitamin levels in the body such as vitamins E and C; combats free radicals with powerful antioxidant glutathione, a product of Nexus Pharma Korea’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical manufacturer
PERFECT FOR: Helping reverse the signs of aging from within

Made in Origin Country: Korea
Recommended Dosage:
Daily 2 Capsules Morning & Night
For better result contact your Doctor
Not Suitable For:
– Breast feeder.
– Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
– Pregnant woman
– Patient with cardiovascular problem
** The result depends on individual metabolism